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Santa Clara County Preservation Alliance

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Award Eligibility Categories and Criteria Guidelines


1.      General Eligibility Information


Nominations should demonstrate creative solutions to the preservation and/or interpretation of Santa Clara County historic, cultural, and prehistoric resources.


Nominations should demonstrate how the project or activity conforms to applicable professional standards, such as the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Preservation, or other standards for archaeology, interpretation,

oral history, and other types of projects or activities.


Special consideration will be given to historic and cultural preservation projects/ activities that:


  • Demonstrate successful public/private partnerships.

  • Benefit the community and reflect community-centered and supported efforts.

  • Promote sustainability and “green” design while preserving the historic fabric of a resource.

  • Broaden the ethnic and cultural diversity of historic preservation activities.


2.      Individuals, Organizations, and Agencies


Any individual, organization, company, or Santa Clara County agency involved in historic or cultural preservation is eligible for nomination. Eligible nominees will have made significant contributions to the advancement of historic and cultural preservation and/or the preservation of historical resources in Santa Clara County. Nominations of those individuals and groups working at a grassroots level are especially encouraged. Awards are limited to one per nominating group and individuals may not self-nominate.


3.      Award Nomination and Selection Process


Santa Clara County historical societies, preservation groups and museums are welcome to nominate individuals or projects for award consideration. The SCCPA Steering Committee will evaluate nominations and select award winners based on the above criteria and the volume of nominations we receive.


Click on the Award Nomination Form to nominate a project or individual(s). The deadline to receive nominations is March 31st in order to evaluate nominations, choose award winners, include winners in the event program, and prepare awards. Handsome award plaques and commemorative photos will be provided to award winners.


4.     Projects


Restoration, rehabilitation or adaptive use of historic buildings, structures, sites, or cultural landscapes.


Activities related to the identification, protection, and interpretation of historic and prehistoric resources:


  • Innovative efforts in historic preservation education, public outreach, or interpretive programs.

  • Projects that demonstrate novel approaches to the protection of historic and/or prehistoric archaeological sites.

  • Exemplary historical research projects, including oral histories.

  • Projects that celebrate ethnic and cultural diversity of historic preservation.


Projects, ideally, shall have been completed within four years. Exceptions, including works in-progress projects, may be considered depending on the uniqueness and special circumstances of the project as determined by the SCCPA Steering Committee.


  • The Gilroy Historical Society honered Connie Rogers with the Distinguished Preservation Service Award for being the inspiration and driving force behind Gilroy’s Architectural Award Program.

  • The Morgan Hill Historical Society honered Robin Shepherd and Nils Myers with the Distinguished Preservation Service Award for preserving Morgan Hill history through high-impact documentary and oral history films.

  • The California Pioneers of Santa Clara County honered Judge Paul Bernal with the Outstanding Building Restoration Award for outstanding leadership, design, and management of the Roberto Adobe & Suñol House Museum.

  • The New Almaden Quicksilver County Park Association honered Michael Cox with the Distinguished Preservation Service Award for five decades of preserving and sharing New Almaden mining history.

  • Campbell Museums honered Dan Orloff with the Distinguished Preservation Service Award for founding ‘San Jose Rocks’ and preserving the South Bay’s contributions to rock music.

  • The Milpitas Historical Society honered the City of Milpitas with the Outstanding Building Restoration Award for outstanding preservation and restoration of the José Maria de Jesus Alviso Adobe.

  • The San Jose Historic Landmarks Commission honered the 865 The Alameda, LLC with the Outstanding Building Restoration Award in honor of excellent design and workmanship in re-using the Packard Building to become the offices of Biggs Cardosa Associates, Inc.

  • La Raza Historical Society of Santa Clara Valley honered Rosanna Alvarez with the Distinguished Preservation Service Award for preserving regional La Raza cultural contributions through writing, publishing, teaching, and performing.

  • The City of Los Altos honered the Los Altos Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution with the Distinguished Preservation Service Award for outstanding research and documentation of early settlers in old Los Altos and Mountain View.

  • The Preservation Action Council of San Jose honered the Jim & Suzanne Salata & Garden City Construction Team with the Outstanding Building Restoration Award for the outstanding restoration of Faber’s Cyclery at 702 S. 1st St., San Jose.

  • History San Jose honered Barbara Johnson with the Distinguished Preservation Service Award for 30 years of outstanding contributions and service at History San Jose.

  • The California Trolley and Railroad Corporation honered Marvin Bamburg with the Distinguished Preservation Service Award for tireless support over several decades to preserve historic Santa Clara County railroad assets.

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