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Elections 2022: A Preservation Primer

On November 8th, 2022, local voters return to the polls in a runoff election to choose the next Mayor of San José, three City Council seats, and one County Supervisor.  Those elected will have a significant influence on local land use decisions, planning initiatives, and funding priorities that directly affect historic preservation efforts city- and county-wide.   

To better inform voters and candidates alike on major policy issues related to historic preservation, PAC*SJ distributed a 7-question survey prior to the June 7th primary election, which featured 32 candidates running for nine offices. The results of that survey are archived here, and the candidates who advanced to November's runoff are featured below (those with an [*] have not responded to the survey). 

As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, PAC*SJ does not make candidate endorsements. However, we strongly encourage you to learn more about each candidate's position on these issues and to vote by November 8th. Please note: your City Council and County Supervisor Districts may have changed since the last election-- CLICK HERE (City) and HERE (County) to confirm your current districts.

Download complete .pdf report

San Jose Mayoral Candidates

Cindy Chavez

Matt Mahan

San Jose City Council Candidates

District 3

Irene Smith

Omar Torres

District 5

Nora Campos

Peter Ortiz

District 7

Bien Doan

Maya Esparza*

*Has not responded to survey

Santa Clara County Supervisor Candidates

District 1

Sylvia Arenas*

Johnny C Khamis

*Has not responded to survey

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