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George James Espinola, Jr. Memorial Fund

George Espinola, architect, and architectural historian, died suddenly on December 20, 2010 at the age of 49.  His untimely passing was caused by an apparent heart attack. George was an accomplished architect, published author, public speaker, avid researcher and friend. In his career, George took great pride in his architectural work and helping his clients accomplish their goals for their family homes. He was an acknowledged scholar on Frank Lloyd Wright and the expert on Frank Delos Wolfe. He treasured his clients, business and historical preservation associates and loved the work they did together.  More on George's work.



Preservation Action Council of San Jose has created the George Espinola Memorial  Fund and is now receiving tax-deductible donations to preserve his architectural legacy and to continue his educational interests. Funds may be used to encourage printing his books, educational tours, research into the works of his favorite architects and more. Please take this opportunity to support George's efforts to educate the community about San Jose's architecture.

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