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Instructions for downloading Clyde Arbuckle's History of San Jose ebook

1. Go to

2. Search for author: Arbuckle

3. Users with a high speed connection can click the first file to download the entire book.  The remaining files are separate eBooks for each chapter.  If you have a dial-up connection you may want to download only a chapter at a time.

4. Click on the file you want to download. You will then have to enter your library card number and your password (what you enter when you check out books at the automatic machines).

5. You will download a very small *.etd file.

6. You will need a recent version of Acrobat Reader other ebook viewers that supports the ebook format.  You can download Acrobat Reader 6  from the Library's website for free. 

7. In Acrobat Reader, click on File...Open. Navigate to the *.etd file you downloaded. Acrobat will then proceed to download the eBook you checked out.  It may take some time.

8. After it downloads, the book should automatically open.  Currently there are 1000 copies available for the public to download at any one time.