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What’s Happening in California’s Oldest City?

Frontier Village Members Only Event - Nov. 1Frontier Village School House

Several PACSJ members attended  Frontier Village Days at the home of Shaughnessy McGehee, a collector of all things related to Frontier Village.  They enjoyed western garb, a BBQ lunch and lots of photo ops.

Look for other fun and interesting Members Only events in the next year.  Not a member? Join now so you can attend all our Members Only events next year.

Wolfe & McKenzie Homes Tour 2014

Thanks so much to everyone who attended and worked to make this tour a delightful and successful event!   

Kudos to event chair, Sharon McCauley and her team, Gayle Frank, Patt Curia, Helen Stevens, Sylvia Carrol and Lisa Wangsness for making it run smoothly.

A special thanks to the homeowners who opened their doors for us and the public.  Of course, we couldn’t do this without the army of our dedicated volunteers who served in many capacities, including as informative docents.  Thanks again!

Bathtub PlanterSummer Rummage & Architectural Salvage Sale a hit!

Like this fabulous Bathtub planter here, 4 front yards of Furniture, Garden Art and Housewares -- including old doors, housewares, small appliances, vintage clothes and yards of fabric, rustic wood and rusted metal farm stuff will be repurposed in their new homes. A GIANT thanks to all the donors, shoppers and volunteers!

All proceeds will benefit the Preservation Action Council of San Jose.

San Jose 2014 Historic Photo Contest Winners
  • The Best in Show award went to Ron Horii with a photograph of Martial Cottle State and County Park. 

Adult category:

  • First prize, Suzi Worley with a photograph of Germania. 
  • Second prize, Kymberli Brady with a photograph of Downtown at Dusk. 
  • Third prize, Jeremy Brodeur with a photograph of HG Warehouse, Alviso at Night.

Student Category:

  • First prize, student category: Sydney Martin (age 7) with a photograph of First Church , St. James St. 
  • Second prize, student category: Noah Lerner (age 17) with a photograph of Century 21, Night. 
  • Third prize, student category: Sydney Martin (age 7) with a photograph of Faber’s Cyclery After Fire.

Two Honorable Mentions:

  • Jim Hoge with a photograph of San Jose Civic Auditorium 
  • Lee Viray Cahili with a photograph of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, San Jose.

To view all the finalists’ photographs visit

PAC*SJ and the SJ Historic Landmarks Commission thanks the judges, the sponsors and the Photo Contest Committee, Chair May Yam, Gayle Frank, Charles DiLisio and Josh Marcotte for a successful and rewarding event that celebrates historic preservation in San Jose.

Many thanks to our sponsors: Big Dog Vineyards, Content Magazine, Keeble & Shuchat Photography, Richard Dischler Photo Workshops, SanDisk, San Jose water Company, The Schoennauer Company, Southern Lumber Company, and Whole Foods.

Help save the Century Theater Domes! Sign the Online Petition!!

You may know that the Century Theatres on Winchester are at risk of being demolished as the City explores possibilities to redevelop the site.

Along with our friends at the Retro Dome/Guggenheim Entertainment, we have launched an online petition asking our City leaders to preserve one or all of the Domes and direct the new developer to incorporate the Dome(s) into any proposed development.

Join the many Silicon Valley residents in favor of preserving these historically significant venues. We believe the Domes should be saved and reused, and incorporated into any development proposal. One example of reuse would be preserving Century 22 to provide a home to The Retro Dome, which occupied a sister Dome on Saratoga Avenue but was recently displaced when plans were announced to demolish the former Century 25. A wonderfully historic building would be saved from the wrecking ball and The Retro Dome would be reborn and serve as a home to multiple Silicon Valley-based performing arts groups.

Sign the petition now:  Watch for more information as the campaign to Save the Domes moves forward.

"It's About Time" San Jose Clock Tower Project

The movement to restore the Clock Tower of the San Jose Museum of Art to its original height is picking up steam.  The clock and the tower of former San Jose Post Office building were destroyed in the 1906 earthquake.  The restoration, begun in 1908, intended to rebuild the original tower was cut short - A new clock was installed in a shorter tower but the full restoration of the tower's height was not completed.  Check out why the clock and the tower are so special to the history of San Jose, and what you can do to get involved.

Website and on Facebook

Do you want to learn about what development is planned for your Council District?

You can sign up for email notifications on the city web site:

"The City of San Jose is committed to providing the information and opportunities to encourage residents and other interested parties to follow development activity in their community and to actively participate in the land use development process. To this end the City offers an email subscription service where by you can be informed of recently submitted development applications in your community. if you sign up for this service, you will receive an email informing you that the Planning Division has received a development or permit application located within a given geographic area that you select. This service provides notification on most planning permits. If you would like to be noticed via email, choose subscribe and it will take you to the registration process."

Here's the link:

Smokey says "You too can prevent Historic Structure Fires!"

OK.  Smokey didn't say that, but PACSJ may need a fire prevention mascot of it's own soon.  Help prevent the loss of even more historic structures to fire and vandalism by helping the City enforce its Vacant Building Ordinance.  File an online complaint on the City's website. 

Start here:

On the left side under "Online Services" click on "Submit an Online Blight Complaint." From there fill out the appropriate information. If enough people file complaints maybe the City will pay attention and work harder to protect these historic resources.

San Jose Public Library Foundation presents SCAN JOSE - Grab your smartphone to learn about the history of San Jose!

Explore historical downtown San Jose  - One smartphone = 3 walking tours! SJPL has created three walking tours of downtown San Jose that you can take using your smartphone and your feet! Go to to see images from the California Room Collection while standing at the locations that the photographs were taken. Think of it as a time machine in the palm of your hand!

There are three tours to choose from:
A Walk Around the Plaza - takes you on a loop around Plaza de Cesar Chavez
Tragedies and Calamities - a no holds barred look at some of the tragic events in San Jose history
Old Santa Clara Street - highlights some of the great architecture that has sprung up and come down over the years.

PAC-SJ is looking for a few qualified applicants to be considered for openings on our Board. Help us pursue our mission of preserving the architectural heritage of San Jose and help educate homeowners, developers, and decision-makers about the importance of historic preservation