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Western Appliance
1976 W. San Carols St.
Googie, Arrows
SJ Candidate City Landmark

San Jose’s Western Appliance sign, surely the South Bay’s most spectacular example of neon signage, stands regally on West San Carlos Street, once a major artery to and from the city’s downtown. 1960s city sign ordinances restricted the construction of a rooftop sign, so the legs of the sign pierce the roof and go straight through the store. There used to be three blinking balls adorning the sign’s spires but the orbs were removed when they proved to be a distraction to planes flying in to San Jose Airport. The arrow also used to be animated.

After 147 years in business, Western Appliance closed in 2020. It is hoped that whatever happens with the store property, the spectacular signage can be preserved. What would San Jose be without its Western Appliance sign?
--Heather David

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