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San Jose Signs Index 

869 S. First St.
Neon, Porcelain Enamel
Delis Diners & Drive-Ins
SJ City Landmark

Burgers, shakes, and carhops on skates. In the 1950s, San Jose had numerous drive-in restaurants. Perhaps the most beloved was the 5-Spot on South First Street. In the 1930s, the 5-Spot building was home to a classic sit-down diner. Following its purchase by brothers Thomas and Russell Spivey in 1945, the restaurant was converted into a drive-in. The neon signage appears to be a holdover from the drive-in conversion, which took place in the 1950s. Per architectural critic Alan Hess, said signage is “popular art worthy of a museum collection.” Lucky for us, this art remains on public display. The 5-Spot is a San Jose City Landmark.
--Heather David

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