Neon Sign Updates

Stephen's Meat Products​

October 2020: PAC*SJ was a proud sponsor and presenter at the 2020 Neon Speaks Festival and Symposium, where we shared this video celebrating our successful "Save Our Dancing Pig" campaign to preserve and restore the beloved Stephen's Meat Products sign on Montgomery Avenue near Diridon Station.

City Center Motel "Diving Lady"

July 2020: The iconic Diving Lady City Center Motel sign on the corner of S. First and E. William Streets was removed to make way for a 27-story residential tower. The good news is that it has been moved to a History San Jose warehouse for safekeeping along with other treasured neon signs. The sign collection awaits a funding plan towards restoration and public display. PAC*SJ has been monitoring this diving lady sign for several years, pursuing its rescue and keeping it here in our community. We are pleased and gratified that the City of San Jose assisted in its preservation and that History San Jose has been able to store this sign and others for a future display. (Photo courtesy Ken Middlebrook)

Western Appliance​

January 2020: With Western Appliance announcing its closure after 146 years in business, PAC*SJ is hoping this sign can be landmarked and stay on location at 1976 W. San Carlos. That's the best way to preserve this integral part of San Jose's skyline. 


Harn Soper, a friend of PAC*SJ, relates how he wrote and recorded the familiar jingle:  

"46 years ago I moved to the Bay Area from Iowa to start one of my careers in music writing jingles. My first job was the Western Appliance radio jingle “Western Appliance ... making life much easier for you”. The copy was read by their spokesperson Shawn Callahan. What a fun memory to be a small part of a Bay Area business icon."


Hear it on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIbVVNYeEns

Orchard Supply Hardware

January 2019: PAC*SJ and History San José are pleased to announce the return of the missing Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) neon sign. Through the ongoing efforts of both organizations and the San Jose Police Department, the sign was successfully recovered and returned to History San José. Lowe’s Companies, Inc., the owner of the sign, donated the iconic sign to the two organizations. It will be stored at History San José.

The missing sign caught the attention of generations of San Joseans who were already reeling from the closure of their beloved OSH stores which had been community landmarks since the founding of the store in 1931 by local farmers.   Hundreds of locals took to social media to share their thoughts about the loss of the sign. Everyone wanted the sign back so current and future generations could enjoy the sign and learn about a period in time when we were known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight.


We are pleased to have been able to assist in the recovery of this vintage sign and look forward to one day having it lit and on display again. Thanks to the offices of former Santa Clara County Supervisor, Ken Yeager, and San Jose Councilwoman Dev Davis, who were also helpful in recovering the sign.

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