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The Endangered 8: 2024 

San José's Most Threatened Architectural and Cultural Landmarks

MACSA Youth Center


660 Sinclair Drive


Built 1995


Steve Yang and Associates


Neglect, Redevelopment

The Mexican-American Community Services Agency (MACSA) opened this Eastside youth center with distinctive pre-Columbian design motifs to great fanfare in 1995, with Mercury News architecture critic Alan Hess praising it as “an important building with a lesson worth learning.” With its state-of-the-art classrooms, gymnasium, theater, health clinics, and childcare facilities, the building played a central role in the lives of thousands of Eastside youth and teenagers before its untimely closure in 2015. Now abandoned and slated for possible demolition, overwhelming community support for its preservation has convinced the Alum Rock Union School District, which owns the land, to grant a six-month demolition delay in order to explore restoration alternatives. This reprieve is currently scheduled to expire in August 2024.


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San Jose Spotlight, "San Jose teacher housing prompts demolition of former youth center," Jan. 20, 2024

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