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The Endangered 8: 2023 

San José's Most Threatened Architectural and Cultural Landmarks

IBM Building 11


5677 Lexington Avenue


Built 1958


John Savage Bolles



This former cafeteria and employee lounge is one of the last surviving remnants of IBM’s original Cottle Road Campus, the pioneering and ultra-modern research and manufacturing plant that helped create Silicon Valley. Designed by John Savage Bolles and once famously visited by Nikita Khrushchev, Building 11 and its surrounding art-filled plaza were spared the wrecking ball when most of the surrounding campus was redeveloped in the mid-2000s, but have sat vacant and languishing ever since. Once envisioned as a museum space or community center for the adjacent RAMAC Park, the building is now owned by Western Digital, which has no known plans for the fenced-off modern landmark.


"Nostalgic no more," Metro Silicon Valley, July 11, 2023

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