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The Endangered 8: 2023 

San José's Most Threatened Architectural and Cultural Landmarks

Burbank Theater


560 S. Bascom Avenue


Built 1949


Cantin & Cantin


Neglect, Redevelopment

In March of 2023, City Council approved the annexation of the Burbank Theater parcel into San Jose at the request of its new owners, TRU Investments LLC, who had promised to restore the long-vacant Art Moderne icon after purchasing it at auction for $1.6 million in late 2021. However, those restoration plans now appear stalled, and the theater is again for sale, now listed at $3 million. PAC*SJ and a coalition of neighborhood advocates are urging the City to designate the theater a City Landmark to prevent its speculative demolition, since preservation and creative repurposing of the building is consistent with the City’s vision for developing the surrounding West San Carlos Urban Village.

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