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San José City Landmarks

San Jose City Landmark
Gonzalez-Peralta Adobe
City Landmark #
184 W St. John St.
Architectural Style:
Spanish Colonial
Manuel Gonzalez (builder)

Built in 1797 by Manuel Gonzalez, the Luis María Peralta Adobe is San José’s oldest extant building and the only surviving structure of Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe (San José’s original settlement). The building itself consists of two rooms and is constructed of adobe bricks that are almost two feet thick! After Gonzalez’s death in 1804, the adobe changed hands to its new namesake owner - Luis María Peralta, a Spanish soldier, a commissioner of the Pueblo of San José. and the owner of Rancho San Antonio - one of the largest land grants in California history. Throughout the late 19th century and well into the mid 20th century, the adobe was primarily used for storage and as a warehouse for various businesses. In 1966, the City of San José bought the adobe and began the process of restoration. Currently located in the lively San Pedro Square Market - the Luis María Peralta Adobe was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1973.

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