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PAC*SJ is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is the fiscal sponsor of the Santa Clara County Preservation Alliance. Donations are tax-deductible as permitted by law. (PAC*SJ tax id 77-0254542)

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Q:  What is the Santa Clara County Preservation Alliance (SCCPA)?

A:  The SCCPA is a newly formed preservation group consisting of leaders from the Santa Clara County Historic Heritage Commission, the San Jose Historic Landmarks Commission, the Preservation Action Council of San Jose, the California Pioneers of Santa Clara County, and History San Jose.


Q:  Why was the SCCPA formed?

A:  In a spirit of collaboration, the SCCPA was formed to bring preservation groups throughout Santa Clara County together to celebrate 2022 National Preservation Month as well as promote and enhance knowledge of the county’s heritage. 

Q:  What is the purpose of the Preservation Awards Night?

A:  The purpose of the Preservation Awards Night is to bring Santa Clara County preservation groups, historical societies, and museums together to meet, share and honor individuals and organizations who have made significant historical and cultural preservation contributions throughout Santa Clara County.

Q:  How will preservation award recipients be selected?

A:  The SCCPA is reaching out to over 30 preservation groups, historical societies and museums throughout the county and asking them to consider nominating a candidate or group who has made a significant preservation contribution.

Q: What can I expect at the Preservation Awards Night?

A: The first half hour of the evening will give guests and preservation enthusiasts an opportunity to meet, share information, exchange ideas, and get to know the ‘Who’s Who’ of Santa Clara County’s historical preservationists. Tables will be available for groups to display and share information. Live music and county historical movie clips will provide a pleasant ambience. The remaining 90 minutes will be a fun, celebratory time, hosted by a professional MC, of award presentations. Music will be provided by the Stargeezers, and videos and slides will feature some amazing historical scenes of Santa Clara Valley’s yesteryears.


Q:  Will parking be available?

A:  Yes, free parking is available in History San Jose Park’s parking lot off Phelan Road for the first 100 cars.  There is plenty of additional paid parking less than a half block from History Park at the end of Phelan Road.

Q:  Will food and beverages be available?

A:  Yes, food and beverages will be available for sale.

Q:  How much is admission and how can I purchase tickets?

A:  Admission is $15 for adults (under 18 are free) and tickets can be purchased here.

Guests will be checked in upon arrival.


Q:  Are sponsorship opportunities available?

A: Sponsors will be recognized in our event program, from the podium by our MC, and in press releases and follow up communications. Tickets will be provided per sponsorship level: $100/3 tickets, $250/6 tickets, $500/9 tickets. (Click Here for sponsorship form).

Q:  Are donations accepted?

A:  Yes, donations of any level are gladly accepted and appreciated. See form above for more info.

Q:  Is there someone I can speak with to learn more or ask questions?

A:  Yes, you can call Tere Johnson at 408-406-3001 or Bill Hare at 408-262-1776.

In summary, the Preservation Awards Night is an opportunity to recognize this year’s National Preservation Month by celebrating local preservation achievements, meeting new preservation minded friends, and raising preservation public awareness in Santa Clara County. We would love to see you on May 21st!