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San José City Landmarks

San Jose City Landmark
George A. Fleming House
City Landmark #
1516 Newport Ave.
Architectural Style:
Dutch Colonial Revival
George W. Page

This two-story residence at 1516 Newport Ave. in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose is a Dutch Colonial Revival house with Shingle-style characteristics, designed in 1906 by the locally prominent architect George W. Page. The house features a gambrel roof with dormers, characteristic of the Dutch Colonial Revival style, and a shingled upper story and wide wraparound porch, reflective of the Shingle Style. The 1906 design was a remodel of a nineteenth-century front-gabled farmhouse whose outlines are still discernible.

The residence was the home of George Alexander Fleming, a businessman and inventor who, with his brother Charles, transformed the dried fruit industry in San Jose. George and his wife Fannie Benedict Fleming moved onto the property, a gift from Fannie’s father, after their 1876 marriage and George lived there until his death in 1935. With only three owners, the house has maintained its integrity through the past 113 years.

–Excerpt from 2019 DPR form, Krista Van Laan, author

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