New Development to Impact Downtown Landmark De Anza Hotel


KT Urban’s Mark Tersini is seeking San Jose’s approval to build a massive 19-story, 225 foot high, 272 room hotel in a zero lot line to the 10-story Hotel De Anza which is a City and National Landmark.  The De Anza is an irreplaceable Historic Resource making any project that might negatively affect its integrity subject to environmental review via State Law (CEQA).  


The  new project’s design by Portland based C2K Architecture, Inc., shadows and overwhelms the DeAnza which was built with private local money at the beginning of the Great Depression at the sane time San Jose’s Civic Auditorium was being built by the WPA with Federal funding .  The design of the new project blocks views of the hotel from the outside, and will block all views within the DeAnza looking to the West.


A City sponsored community meeting was attended by PAC*SJ, Hotel De Anza management, Downtown Association, Axis HoA as many others. Virtually all in attendance objected to project as currently proposed for reasons that included:  dwarfing of the Hotel De Anza; an architectural design that is out of place; the absence of any on-site parking, inevitable drop-off & pick-up traffic impact, noise and privacy issues, etc.. 


Following numerous requests, an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was required for the project and is currently being prepared.  Unfortunately, under broad environmental allowances in San Jose’s 2040 development plans, there is a prevailing view by the City that significant negative impact to San Jose’s historic fabric is unavoidable in achieving the City’s growth goals.  For the sake of those who live and visit San Jose who are looking to live and visit a place with our City’s amazing character, we strongly disagree.


If you want to protect the DeAnza Hotel and the citizens of San Jose from developments that damage the physical and operational viability of San Jose’s rapidly dwindling inventory of historic resources, please join PAC*SJ today.  Also, please send an email to your City Council person by district (1-10) at: noting your request that all new developments redirect and preserve San Jose’s rich history.

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