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Who We Are PAC*SJ Achievements

We are dedicated to preserving San José’s architectural heritage through education, advocacy, and events.

The Preservation Action Council of San José (PAC*SJ)
began in 1990 as a group of concerned residents,
who felt that historic buildings were being torn down
needlessly. They felt that San José had already lost
many beautiful buildings, and that it would lose many
more unless something was done. Since that time,
PAC*SJ has become a fully staffed 501(c)(3) nonprofit, dedicated to saving and finding new uses for old
buildings, and to encouraging quality new design.
We believe that historic preservation is good for our
quality of life and good for business.

We aim to integrate a strong commitment to historic preservation into the land use and development decisions
of the City of San José that affect historic resources, as
well as into the private decisions of property owners
and developers. We try to bring owners and developers together to create historically sensitive projects that make economic sense.

Our Board and Advisory Members Have
Expertise and Knowledge in:

Applicable local, federal and state preservation laws
History of Santa Clara County
Historic architecture and construction
Urban Planning requirements and goals
Related community organizations and local leaders
Current affairs and projects

Board & Staff

Board Members
Darryl Boyd (Secretary/Treasurer)
Pat Colombe
Shanna Desai (President)
Gayle Frank
Andre Luthard (Vice President)
Marilyn Messina
John Mitchell
Nima Moinpour
Gratia Rankin

Brian Grayson (Executive Director)

Board Members Only (password protected)


Secured the preservation and reuse of the historic Montgomery Hotel, the José Theatre, Mark’s Hot Dogs, and the Scheller House.

Facilitated and managed the Mid-Century Survey of San Jose with partner, San Jose Redevelopment Agency.

Published, with partners, Touring Historic Willow Glen and Signposts Revisited.

Hosted educational workshops on the
Historic Building Codes, and presented a lecture on Smart Growth by nationally respected preservationist, Donovan Rypkema.

Ongoing monitoring of the restoration plan
for Pellier Park.

Negotiated to save IBM Building 25 only to lose it to fire in 2008. Reached agreement with Lowe’s to include architectural elements of Building 25 in the final project.

Saved the historic Donner-Houghton Mansion in 2001 only to lose it to fire in 2007.

Created, with partners, the River Street Historic Business District.

Saved the First Church of Christ Scientist
from demolition.

Launched our “Pride in San Jose Campaign,” to publicize our historic resources and promote San Jose’s glorious buildings, people and traditions.

Awards and
Honors Received

2001 Governor’s Award

2002 San José Downtown Beautiful Award